sabato 23 aprile 2022

"Geology is coming home. A renewed interest in Italian geoscientific tradition". Congresso SGI-SIMP, Torino, 19-21 settembre 2022

La Società Geologica Italiana (SGI) e la Società Italiana di Mineralogia e Petrologia (SIMP) vi invitano a partecipare al Congresso congiunto, dal titolo Geosciences for a sustainable future, che si terrà a Torino dal 19 al 21 settembre 2022.

Il Congresso sarà organizzato in tre giorni di sessioni scientifiche sulle principali tematiche delle Geoscienze; includerà conferenze plenarie di studiosi di rilievo internazionale, tavole rotonde, workshops e forum su argomenti di rilevante impatto geologico-sociale e su grandi temi di interesse pubblico.

Nell'ambito del Panel "Outreach and Education" è stata proposta la sessione P40. Geology is coming home. A renewed interest in Italian geoscientific tradition.

Conveners: Alessio Argentieri [Città metropolitana di Roma Capitale], Marco Pantaloni [ISPRA, Roma], Pietro Mosca [CNR Torino], Luca Barale [CNR Torino]


“Geology has been an Italian science. In his “Principles of Geology” (proem to 1st edition, 1830) Sir Charles Lyell paid homage to the forerunners of Earth sciences in our Country. Italian primacy in the early stages of development of geological disciplines, between 16th and 18th century, was in fact strongly admired by the founder of modern geology. The birth of the term “Giologia”, coined by to Ulisse Aldrovandi in Bologna in 1603, has been celebrated on the occasion of its 400th anniversary. This recurrence initiated a renewal of interest in Italian geoscientific tradition, on the grounds of pioneer studies of Bruno Accordi and Nicoletta Morello, from the geological and epistemological points of view respectively. The session is aimed to promote interdisciplinary contributions on Italian Earth sciences and to stimulate the interaction between the scientific and historical approach. Promoting public awareness and understanding the importance of Earth sciences is in fact a crucial issue for Italy, a Country constantly facing the consequences of natural hazards. Celebrating ten years of intense activity of the History of geosciences Section, established in 2012 by the Italian Geological Society, we would thus venture to say that “Geology is coming home!”.

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